DRI is a complete 24×7 IT solution provider. We specialize in multiple business sector IT office support. All our technicians are A+ certified and capable of supporting every aspect of even the most unique IT infrastructures. We support Windows, Mac and Linux based computers, all hosted and local email platforms and are well versed in all typical IT areas. These areas include Antivirus, Backups, Networking, Servers, Virtual machines, VOIP phones, Desktops and laptops and several other Enterprise level IT applications. We excel at business integration, finding IT solutions to increase productivity and lower costs. We support everything from small residential hardware problems to global IT data centers. We have several customers in the Tampa bay area and other international businesses.


The requirements to provide IT support in the healthcare industry are dynamic and can create large risks if not managed properly. At DRI we specialize in supporting business in healthcare and know how to help you avoid those risks unique to your business.

Museums and NonProfit Organizations

Museums and Nonprofit Organizations are in need of high-quality IT support that is also mindful of the cost constraints and pressures those businesses are under. See how DRI has helped other business like yours and how we can help you as well.

Small and Medium Business

While often overlooked by other IT service providers, small and medium businesses are a staple for DRI. We understand the technology needs of these businesses and DRI can provide tailor made solutions to fit your business from full support services to supplemental services and everything inbetween. See how DRI has helped other businesses like yours and how we can help support you.

International Business

Many companies fall between SMB and large corporate corporations and are in need of quality IT support. DRI has been successful supporting businesses that have remote users working in different states or in remote office buildings around the globe. See how DRI has helped larger scaled international businesses like yours and how we can help support you.